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Jason Got Hired Within 2 Weeks!

Jason received a job offer within 2 weeks of completion of the course.

Jason M.
48 Years Old

I saw an ad about this course on Tiktok and was little skeptical initially but purchased since there was a 30 days money back guarantee..

I had heard of chatgpt but not really knew too much.  I learned about over 20 AI models and how to create prompts to help businesses.    Within 2 weeks of finishing certification,  i got a job offer from a local tech company.

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Masterclass on Prompt Engineering

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is course up to date?

Yes,  Course is updated every week with new modules as needed.     This is a comprehensive course to master PROMPTS.

2. Will i receive everything i need?

Yes.   There is no additional fees or hidden payments at all.     You may incur fees to use OPENAI/ChatGPT if you get their PRO plan but it’s NOT needed to be certified.

3. Is there any upsells?

No,  There are no upsells.   

4. What if i don't like the Masterclass?

No problem.    You have 30 days to try the product out,  if for any reason, you think this is not right for you.  You can have full $ back.